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back Date: 11 December 2021 (Sat) Greater Bay Area Urban Designer Alliance Exchange between Rotating City Professional Groups and Relevant National Professional Groups on the Work of the Alliance

In order to further enhance the influence of the Greater Bay Area Urban Designers Alliance (GBAUDA) at home and abroad and better carry out the GBAUDA activities, on behalf of the GBAUDA, the leaders of Guangzhou Urban Planning Association (GZUPA), the rotating city professional group of the GBAUDA, went to Beijing to communicate with China Association of City Planning, Urban Planning Society of China, The Architectural Society of China and Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, and introduced the work and recent plans of the GBAUDA.

The national-level associations congratulated the GZUPA for undertaking and launching activities for the GBAUDA, and affirmed the positive significance of the GBAUDA in improving the urban design level and livability of cities in the Greater Bay Area, and enhancing the level of industrial exchanges and cooperation. These associations encouraged the GBAUDA to further deepen and refine its activities programs with people-centered concept, goals of providing high-quality urban design for high quality development, green urban design and important innovative practices in urban planning for sustainable development. At the same time, they will also provide experience support for the GBAUDA in international forums, award bidding, and publicize and demonstrate the GBAUDA's activities through their own publicity channels if necessary.