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back Date: 04 January 2022 (Tue) A Review of Macau Documentary On the Move - from the Air — A Documentary of the CURB Center for Architecture and Urbanism - Macau

Bike used to be a common transport means in Macau. As time goes by, the more effort-saving and safer vehicles occupy the most space of bikes. But the latter has incomparable advantages in the “last kilometer”, especially when exploring the deep lanes and alleys in Macau, which is faster than walking.

Thus, Mr. Nuno Soares, the founder and director of the Center for Architecture and Urbanism (CRUB) – Macau, the founding team of the Greater Bay Area Urban Designers Alliance (GBAUDA), planned the brand activity, On the Move. He called those people who are curious about communities, lanes and alleys of Macau and let them visit these places by bike to look and feel the unique charm of the city. The cameras equipped on their bikes record the scenery during their trips, and these audio and video records have been processed and formed a documentary based on artistic creation by professionals, which has been displayed on the rooftop of the Interior Port No.9, the Port of Macau.

On the Move series made its debut on the Macao City Fringe Festival in 2018, then it has become an annual routine. By 2021, four versions of the film have been put on screen. With a unique theme each year, the documentary in the third year adopted UAVs in the On the Move - from the Air, presenting audiences a different urban landscape. Then, let’s follow their bikes and UAVs to tour the unknown corners in Macao.

Tip: The documentary of the 4th On the Move–Uncovering Heritage has been released. Editors are having close contact with the CURB Center for Architecture and Urbanism – Macau and making efforts to put the documentary online in the GBAUDA as soon as possible. Please stay tuned!