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  • Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design

    The Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (HKIUD) was established in June 2010 as a professional institute that aims to promote urban design through discussion, education, accreditation, research and practice. The Institute advocates a strategic city vision together with a more progressive urban design policy and regulatory framework, enabling Hong Kong to build on its strengths to become a more pedestrian friendly, transit oriented, sustainable and livable city.

  • CURB Center for Architecture and Urbanism – Macau

    CURB Center for Architecture and Urbanism – Macau (CURB) is an NGO established in Macau in 2014, to promote research, education, production and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of architecture, urbanism, design and urban culture. It stands as an exchange platform between academia, civil society, professional practice, and government institutions, serving the interests of the overall community.

    The Center develops and supports research studies, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, and other events. CURB is the organizer of Open House Macau, the first Open House event in Asia, and is associate partner of the World Urban Campaign, organizing Urban Thinkers Campus in Macau. With a permanent research team, its space incorporates a library and documentation archive, studio, conference and gallery areas.

    Working both on a regional level – Macau, Greater Bay Area and China – and on an international level – particularly in Asia and Portuguese-speaking countries –, CURB aims to take local issues to a global audience. The establishment of partnerships and joint programs with local and international institutions are preferred tools for CURB’s mission as a think tank on the future of cities and their architecture.

  • Guangzhou Urban Planning Association

    Founded in 2003, Guangzhou Urban Planning Association is a local, professional and non-profit social organization voluntarily composed of enterprises and public institutions and individuals of Guangzhou engaging in municipal planning establishment, management, reconnaissance, design, consultation and education. With its permanent bodies including Secretariat and Department of Technical Consultation, the association is subject to business guidance, supervision and management of Guangzhou Social Organization Administration and Guangzhou Municipal Planning & Natural Resources Bureau. The association is composed of vice president units, council members, member units and individuals - 87 units and 153 individuals in total.

    Since its founding, the association has maintained a good and efficient contact with its brother units and member units, takes the initiative to carry out relevant technical services about municipal planning, and organizes visits and investigations, further studies and lectures on a regular basis, as well as publishes the association’s journal Guangzhou Planning Communication.

    The council is devoted to improving the service level in construction of industrial exchange platforms and thinking tanks, and promoting the innovative development of urban planning in Guangzhou.

  • Urban Planning Society of Shenzhen

    Shenzhen Urban Planning Society (UPSSZ) is a non-profit academic organisation for Shenzhen urban planning professionals,which was founded in 1994. It was set up voluntarily by a number of organisations and individuals engaged in planning, design, management, and scientific research. It is formally registered as a non-governmental statutory body.

    UPSSZ serves its members and other urban planning professionals by making unceasing efforts to present high-quality academic training, conferences, workshops, and a variety of additional services. It is considered to be the premier organisation for the promotion of rigorous academic study and improvements in urban planning, design, and management.

  • Zhuhai Planning Exploration and Design Industry Association

    Zhuhai Planning Exploration and Design Industry Association was established in 1996. It is a non-profit industry association voluntarily composed of enterprises and institutions in the city's construction engineering planning, surveying and mapping, survey, design, consultation, etc., with 120 member units. To be responsible for the administration of the city's planning, survey and design industry

    Purpose of the association: abide by the national laws and regulations and the series of regulations of engineering construction market management of provinces and cities; assist the administrative department of the government to regulate the industry behaviour, promote the development and progress of the industry technology; play the role of bridge between the government and enterprises; expand the technical exchange and training; serve the society for members, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member units, and cultivate openness, fairness and justice , scientific and orderly construction market environment.